Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Free Multiplayer Period Starts This Week And Includes A New Map

Activision has announced a free multiplayer period for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and it starts right after the Season 2 Reloaded update arrives, so it’s a great time to get involved.

The free access period begins on March 16 (one day after Season 2 Reloaded launches on March 15) and allows players to try out six multiplayer maps, including the new Himmelatt Expo, a handful of game modes, and the first cooperative game raid. . The free access period ends on March 20.

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The modes available in the free period include Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, Domination, Infected, Gun Game, One in the Chamber, and All or Nothing. Players can also try the full-scale Ground War and Invasion modes on the Santa Sena map. The cooperative raid is Atomgrad and is only available on standard difficulty.

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You can see a full rundown of what’s available in Modern Warfare 2’s free access period below.

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Modern Warfare 2 Free Access Content

  • Core Maps (6v6): Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, Boarding, Dome, Expo Himmelmatt
  • Basic modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Gun Game, Infected, One in the Chamber, All or Nothing
  • Battle Maps: holy sign
  • Battle Map Modes: ground war, invasion
  • Special operations: Atomgrad – Special Ops Raid Episode 01 (Standard difficulty only)

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