Magic the Gathering’s Lord Of the Rings Set reveals over a dozen new cards

Following the official reveal of the set late last month, Wizards Of The Coast has further pulled back the curtain on Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming Tales Of Middle-earth expansion, with multiple cards being shown for the first time.

The most recent episode of WeeklyMTG, the game’s weekly live stream on YouTube, showcased multiple characters and locations from the Lord of the Rings universe. The stream also showed multiple variants for each card, including a “Ring Showcase” variant that frames each character within The One Ring.


Some of the cards revealed during the live stream include:

  • Frodo, Sauron’s Bane (Legendary Creature)
    • 1 power/2 toughness creature card that costs one white mana that can change its creature type.
    • Frodo’s abilities refer to a mechanic where “the Ring tempts you”.
  • samwise the brave (Legendary Creature)
    • Legendary creature card with 2 power/1 tough that costs one generic and one white mana.
    • Sam returns a single card to a player’s hand when he enters the game.
  • the Shire (legendary land)
    • Shire enters the battlefield tapped unless the player also controls a legendary creature.
    • Skill 1: tap to get a green mana
    • Ability 2: Pay one green and one generic mana, touch The Shire, and touch an untapped creature to create a food token
  • Mount Doom (legendary land)
    • Skill 1 – Tap and pay a life to create a black or red mana
    • Skill 2 – Pay one generic mana, one black and one red, then tap Mount Doom to deal 1 damage to each opposing player
    • Ability 3: Pay five generic mana, one black and one red, then touch Mount Doom and sacrifice both it and a legendary artifact to destroy all but two creatures of the activating player’s choice.
  • Gollum, Patient Tracer (Legendary Creature)
    • 3 power creatures, 1 toughness that cost one generic and one black mana
    • When Gollum leaves the battlefield, the Ring tempts you.
    • Pay one black mana and sacrifice a creature to return Gollum from your graveyard to your hand.
  • You can not pass! (Instant)
    • Pay one white mana to destroy a creature that blocked or was blocked by a legendary creature this turn.
  • Pardon (Instant)
    • Pay one generic and one white mana to return target spell on the battlefield to its owner’s hand and draw a card.

Existing cards from Magic: The Gathering will also be adapted to the LOTR universe, with the first example being Sol Ring. Three different versions of the Sol Ring will be released in the set, each referencing either the Elven, Dwarf, or Human rings from LOTR legend. Other examples shown include the adaptation of The Great Henge in LOTR’s The Party Tree, as well as MTG’s Wasteland card that becomes Valley of Gorgoroth.

The Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle-earth expansion for Magic: The Gathering will launch on June 23 with Draft, Set, Collector, and Jumpstart booster packs, four Commander-format preconstructed decks, a starter kit, a and a gift package, scene boxes, and Secret Lair drops. A second release is planned for November 3, with more details to be announced at a later date.

Magic The Gathering’s next expansion, March Of The Machine, will conclude the conflict between the evil Phyrexians and the multiverse of worlds contained in MTG lore. The set launches on April 21, with multiple events planned before launch.

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