You need to see this iconic location from The Last Of Us recreated in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 fan creators never cease to amaze, and Simmer Isambardy is no exception. As first reported by Eurogamer, Isambady has put his efforts into creating a replica of Bill’s Town as seen in the exclusive PlayStation-turned-HBO series The Last of Us, and it’s seriously impressive.

Using a single 64×64 lot, Isambady first created Bill’s home before expanding to include a sizable portion of Lincoln. This includes a handful of houses nearby, the church, and the ultra-fortified exterior of the city, barbed wire and all. According to Eurogamer, Isambardy wanted to add the pit that Frank also falls into, but he lacked space in the area just outside the city walls.

Although Isambardy’s recreation is not perfectly to scale, the creator managed to capture many of the city’s defining features and locations. The interior of Bill’s house is particularly impressive, with furniture and wallpaper that will be all too familiar to those who watched (with tears in their eyes) episode 3 of the hit series. The house also included Bill’s underground bunker, complete with surveillance equipment. And yes, there’s even room to grow strawberries in the backyard.

The bundle is currently available for download via The Sims 4 Gallery using Gallery ID Isambardy, and considering that The Sims 4 community has created an impressive number of post-apocalyptic mods over the years, I would say the game is prepped and ready for the players. to deliver their own version of The Last of Us… although it might not make all the cute and cuddly babies coming in the game’s next expansion suffer until the end of time, or their parents for that matter. None of them deserve that.

In The Last of Us news, the season finale of the HBO show will air this Sunday. In our review of the show, we applaud how well the series stuck to the game while also expanding on its story in profound ways. The show has also been a hit with audiences, with the most recent episode setting the viewership record for the series. HBO has confirmed that a second season is on the way, and that the cast and crew could begin filming later this year.

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