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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived with a variety of new locations, items, and features for fans to check out, from an exciting new cyberpunk city to explore to exciting melee combat with the Kinetic Blade. You’ll find plenty to get into on the newly revamped map, and some of it can even be part of the weekly missions of the season, like the Week 1 challenge “Destroy objects while hovering or speeding up in a Nitro Drifter.” In this guide, we will tell you where you can find a Nitro Drifter racing car to overcome this challenge quickly and easily.

How to destroy objects with a Nitro Drifter

With the addition of several new vehicles in Chapter 4 Season 2, you’d be forgiven for not knowing precisely what a Nitro Drifter is. This colorful street racing car can be found at various points on the map, but it is most abundant in and around Mega City. If you don’t want to deal with all the competition you’re bound to face in downtown Mega City, your best bet for finding plenty of Nitro Drifters is to land on the racetrack north of the city.

If your goal is to complete the “Destroy objects while drifting or speeding in a Nitro Drifter” challenge, then hop on your chosen Nitro Drifter and head towards some destructible objects. The easiest thing to do to complete this mission quickly is to simply hold the drift button and hit smaller items in or around the city. This can include streetlights, foliage, building items, fences, or anything else you can find that breaks when you hit it, so feel free to target anything you think might break. Once you have destroyed 25 items, you will complete the challenge.

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