Ford Announces F-150 Lightning Production Restart After Temporary Stop

Less than a month ago, Ford had to abruptly halt production of its highly acclaimed electric pickup truck because the company was forced to issue a “stop construction and stop shipment in transit” order over a potential battery issue.

Initially, Ford did not disclose the exact nature of the battery problem, leading several to speculate about the problem. Ford, however, quickly clarified the issue after confirming that production was halted after a vehicle was found to have a battery problem during a routine pre-delivery quality inspection. The company then launched an internal investigation into the issue, after which the root cause of the problem was identified. Ford initially expected to resume production by the last week of February, which did not happen.

On March 2, 2023, the company issued another statement confirming that they will resume manufacturing of the F-150 Lightning, effective March 13, 2023. The statement clarifies that the 11-day delay was due to an issue with the suppliers of the F-150 Lightning. -150 Battery Pack. Finally, on February 13, 2023, Ford CEO Jim Farley made an official announcement on Twitter confirming that the company had resumed production of the F-150 Lightning.

Ford builds all of its F-150 Lightning trucks at the company’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. This facility is known to be the home of the F-150 Lightning since the company began producing the trucks there in April 2022.

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