Fix the error PhoneExperienceHost.exe; How to disable it?

In this post, we will show you how fix PhoneExperienceHost.exe error on your Windows PC. PhoneExperienceHost.exe is a background process that runs when you use the phone link app on your Windows 11/10 PC.

The Phone Link app (formerly Your Phone app) is an app from Microsoft that allows you to connect your Android phone to your Windows PC. Once connected, you can use your PC to receive calls, reply to messages, and view photos saved on your phone.

What is a Phone Experience Host?

Phone Experience Host is a Microsoft Windows Service which manages the active synchronization between your Android phone and your Windows PC. PhoneExperienceHost.exe is its background process that is actively running on your Windows PC to alert you as soon as a notification arrives on your Android phone.

Why is Phone Link running in the background?

The Phone Link app comes pre-installed with Windows and is set to start automatically when you start Windows. For this reason, the PhoneExperienceHost.exe process continues to run in the background even when you close the application. This can sometimes cause your PC to slow down unnecessarily. This can also cause some unexpected errors like high CPU or RAM usage, file missing error or system error.

Fix the error PhoneExperienceHost.exe; How to disable it?

To fix the PhoneExperienceHost.exe error, we recommend using the following solutions:

  1. Reset or repair the Phone Link app.
  2. End the PhoneExperienceHost.exe process.
  3. Disable Phone Link so it doesn’t start at startup.
  4. Disable Phone Link from running in the background.
  5. Uninstall the Phone Link app.

Let’s look at these in detail.

1]Reset or repair the Phone Link app

Reset or repair the Phone Link app

Start by doing a ‘Reset’ or ‘Repair’ application through the application settings on your Windows PC. This would clear the cache of the app and fix all the internal issues of the app.

2]Terminate the PhoneExperienceHost.exe process

Disable PhoneExperienceHost.exe

Windows automatically places some Phone Link processes in a suspended (temporarily disabled) state when the application is not in use. This is done to save system resources and improve system performance. However, the PhoneExperienceHost.exe process keeps running and consumes a fraction of your CPU/RAM or even battery.

To disable PhoneExperienceHost.exe, open Task Manager and navigate to the Phone Link option under Background Processes. Expand the process and right-click on Microsoft Phone Link. Select Go to details.

This will take you to the PhoneExperienceHost.exe process in the Details eyelash. Right click on the process and select Final task.

3]Disable Phone Link from starting at startup

Disable Phone Link from starting at startup

If you are not actively using the app, disable it from starting at startup to improve the boot time of your Windows PC.

Right click on the Begin button icon and select Task Manager from the WinX menu. In the Task Manager window, switch to the startup apps eyelash. Select telephone link from the list of applications and click the Deactivate icon at the top.

4]Disable Phone Link from running in the background

Disable Phone Link from running in the background

You can also disable the Phone Link app from running in the background. This will kill the PhoneExperienceHost.exe process when you close the app and will not allow it to run unless you manually restart it.

Open the WinX menu and select installed apps. Type ‘phone’ in the search bar at the top. The Phone Link app will appear in the search results. Click on the three dots icon next to the app name and select Advanced Options. go to the Background app permissions section and select Never in it Let this app run in the background dropdown.

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5]Uninstall Phone Link app

Uninstall the Phone Link app

If you plan to no longer use the Phone Link application, please uninstall it from your system. Microsoft has disabled the option to uninstall Phone Link via the app’s settings page. However, you can uninstall the app using PowerShell on Windows.

Click on the Begin button icon and type ‘powershell’. PowerShell will appear as the best match. Click on Execute as an administrator option on the right side. Select Yeah in it User Account Control notice that appears.

Then in the PowerShell window, type the following command and then press the button Get into key:

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

Close PowerShell and restart your PC. The above command will permanently remove the Phone Link app from your Windows 11/10 PC.

You can reinstall the app at any time through the Microsoft Store.

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Fix the error PhoneExperienceHost.exe;  How to disable it

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