Firefox boosts mobile privacy with ‘Full Cookie Protection’

Firefox, the well-known web browser, launched its Total Cookie Protection initiative in 2021 and eventually made it a default setting on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Now, the company provides the same level of privacy to Android users.

The feature essentially limits third-party cookies and apps from tracking you across the web. Instead of sites sharing cookies, they will all remain private. On Tuesday, Mozilla confirmed that the feature is now available in its Firefox for Android browser. Until today, it was only available on desktop computers or the Firefox Focus browser.


According to the press release, Total Cookie Protection works as follows: “maintain a separate “cookie jar” for each website you visit. Whenever a website or third-party content embedded in a website deposits a cookie on your browser, Firefox Android confines that cookie to the cookie container assigned to that website.”

For example, when you search for new walking shoes on a retail store’s website and then see ads for the same shoes on another website like Facebook, that’s cookie sharing. The idea with TCP is that your cookies from each website stay in the “jar” of that specific site and others cannot search and find more details about you.

With Firefox for Android, your browsing habits and data will remain private for every site you visit instead of being shared across the web. And now that Firefox cookie protection is available on mobile devices, users can sign up for a Firefox account and get full protection on all their devices.

It’s worth mentioning that other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, offer similar cookie protection, and Apple’s mobile Safari browser also has several privacy features. While there’s a lot we can do to be more private online, it all helps, so give Firefox a try today.

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