Everything new for Bing: more chats, faster responses on Skype and fewer errors

what you need to know

  • Microsoft increased the chat limit per session within Bing Chat last week.
  • The company has also sped up Bing within Skype and shipped other improvements.
  • Bing recently hit 100 million daily active users, thanks in large part to the new Bing Chat and AI integration with the service.

Bing Chat is a new experience from Microsoft, so it regularly gets new features. Microsoft is also making changes to the chatbot, giving testers an improved experience. Last week, Microsoft increased the number of chats supported per session, as well as the daily limit per user. The company also sped up Bing within Skype and fixed a few other issues.

The company has packed everything new for Bing Chat into one convenient blog post. Here are the changes:

  • Increased chat turns: We have increased the maximum number of turns you can have in a single conversation with Bing from 6 to 10. The total number of turns per day has also increased to 120. We are experimenting with even longer chat sessions and you can expect these numbers to continue increasing over time.
  • Faster Skype Chats: We heard from you that Bing was slow to respond to your Skype conversations. We’ve halved the latency of Bing chat responses, so you get answers faster. If you haven’t already, download the latest version of Skype to give it a try. (opens in a new tab).
  • Fixing “Something went wrong”: We’ve identified and fixed several of the issues that triggered the “Something went wrong” error when trying to start chats with Bing. We will continue to monitor and address the remaining scenarios where this error appears.

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