Destiny 2 Lightfall: how to start Season of Defiance and get its seasonal artifact

Destiny 2’s new Lightfall expansion is finally here, taking players to the neon-drenched Neptunian city of Neomuna. There, the Guardians must protect a paracausal object connected to the Traveler called The Veil, while also defending the city from Emperor Calus, his Cabal Shadow Legion, and the Darkness-wielding Tormentors. However, the war with Witness and his forces is being waged on two fronts, for while the battle for Neomuna continues, the Legion of Shadows has also begun invading Earth.

To prevent the Cabal from spreading through the European Dead Zone, players need to start the Destiny 2: Lightfall Season of Defiance (Season 20) campaign. Here’s a quick guide on how to do just that, while also gaining access to your Seasonal Artifact that players can use to acquire valuable gameplay perks.

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