ChatGPT smartwatch works with Raspberry Pi

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s large language model, has seemingly been everywhere since its debut late last year. Now, the MayLabs YouTube channel has come up with a way to use it anywhere, without a phone or PC. Instead, the channel went the creator route and created a DIY smartwatch that answers spoken questions with short ChatGPT answers. Take that, Siri and the Google Assistant.

In the video, a maker with the alias “Frumtha Fewchure” builds the clock with processing from a Raspberry Pi 4B (it appears, at least from the kit MayLabs uses in their video link, that it’s an 8GB model). The Pi sits in a case that clips to a belt, along with an external battery to power it. From there, the wires run through a jacket sleeve strap to a 3D-printed gauntlet on his forearm.

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James D. Brown
James D. Brown
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