CCleaner won’t install, uninstall, open or work

CCleaner is one of the well-known tools for optimization. With this single software, we can free up space, delete our online tracks, and many more. CCleaner is no different than most apps and freeware when it comes to errors, and there are instances where CCleaner displays peculiar behavior. In this article, we will talk about the solutions to that behavior. So, if CCleaner is not installing, uninstalling, opening or working or have any other problems, this guide is for you.

How do I fix CCleaner won’t open?

If CCleaner won’t open then it is a concern for some of its users, and this is usually due to corrupted caches and background tasks interfering with the software. Restart your PC and then see if it is now opening or not; otherwise, follow these suggestions.

Fix CCleaner not installing, uninstalling, opening or working

If CCleaner is not installing, uninstalling, opening or working on your Windows 11/10 PC, we can execute the solutions mentioned below:

  1. restart the computer
  2. Clear the cache of the temporary files folder
  3. Completely uninstalled cleaner
  4. Temporarily disable your third-party security software
  5. Check if the Windows Installer engine is running
  6. Run CCleaner with administrative privileges
  7. Update CCleaner
  8. Install, uninstall or open CCleaner in clean boot state
  9. Uninstall a program through the Registry.

We have offered several solutions. See which one applies to you, and then run only those solutions. The solutions depend on the problem you are facing with CCleaner.

1]Restart the computer

Before looking for some difficult solutions, start by restarting the PC. Doing so erases the current state of the computer and any software that may be causing the problem. It also helps to resolve Internet or Network issues and everything starts again, so do the same and then try to install, uninstall or open the app again.

2]Clear the cache of the temporary files folder

Use Disk Cleanup to clear all temporary files on your PC. Then download the installed again from the official website, preferably to a different location, and then try to install it.

3]Cleaner completely uninstalled

If CCleaner won’t open or work on your Windows computer, we suggest you uninstall it completely. It would be better if you can use third-party uninstaller software to completely uninstall the software and remove its leftovers.

If you don’t want to do this, uninstall it via the Settings app or Control Panel as usual. Then go to your installation folder which is C:\Program Files\CCleaner default and delete this folder. Once this is done, restart your computer and try to install it and you will see. If it installs successfully, please check if it opens or works normally.

4]Temporarily disable your third-party security software

Windows security is well integrated with the Windows operating system; however, third-party security software can cause problems. Temporarily disable your third-party antivirus and firewall software and see if it allows you to install or open CCleaner.

You can also take steps to allow CCleaner through Windows Firewall and check if the issue is resolved.

5]Check if the Windows Installer engine is running

At the command prompt, type MSIExecand then press Enter. If the MSI engine is running, you will see a Windows Installer popup; otherwise, you will see an error message.

If that doesn’t work, at a command prompt, type the following, and then press Enter after each line:

MSIExec /unregister
MSIExec /regserver

6]Run CCleaner with administrative privileges

If you can’t install CCleaner, we suggest you run the setup file as administrator and then check whether it is installed this time or not. You can right click on the installation setup file and select Run as administrator.

If you can’t start CCleaner, set its Properties to always open with administrative privileges. To do so, right-click on CCleaner and select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab and check the box next to Run this program as administrator.

7]Update CCleaner

If you are unable to uninstall CCleaner, we recommend that you update the application. To do the same, go to the bottom right corner of the CCleaner window and click ‘Search for updates‘ link. It redirects us to its official site and will send a notification if there are any updates available. Install the update if one is available, and then try uninstalling CCleaner.

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8]Install, uninstall or open CCleaner in clean boot state

Many times, we are unable to detect the underlying issue that causes such issues and in such scenarios it is recommended to perform operations in clean boot state.

Clean Boot State will only allow necessary Windows services, making sure there are no conflicting apps and services. So, go ahead and boot into clean boot state and then install or uninstall the app. You can also see if it opens or works correctly now. If all is well, you need to manually identify the process that is causing this problem.

9]Uninstall a program via Registry

If the entry for the program in Control Panel is missing, Settings or Uninstaller are not available, or these ways don’t work for some reason, you can also use the Windows Registry. This post will show you how to uninstall programs using the Registry

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How do I uninstall CCleaner browser?

To uninstall the CCleaner browser, close all instances of CCleaner, right-click the Start menu, and select the Apps and features either installed applications option. Click on CCleaner and then on the Uninstall button. Select the Uninstall option, and when prompted by the User Account Control dialog, select the Yes button.

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CCleaner won't install, uninstall, open or work

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