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Car amplifiers can boost the stereo signals that are sent to car speakers. This drives the speakers with an excellent, independent power boost. You will see there are 2 power ratings when you buy the new one car amplifier

Matching car speakers and amplifiers

RMS power: This measures the portion of constant power that the car’s amplifier uses to drive the speakers. Make sure the RMS power of the amplifier matches the underlying RMS power rating of the speakers or subwoofer to avoid possible damage to the car speaker.

The tip of the Power: This indicates the amount of watts the car amplifier currently has available to deal with brief and/or sudden noise surges. This number can always be much higher compared to RMS.

There are 3 types of car amplifiers namely mono, 2 channel and 4 channel.

  • mono amplifiers: They are intended to power a single speaker.
  • 2 channel amplifiers: Boost the signal to 2 speakers along with a subwoofer.
  • 4 channel amplifiers: Boost the signal on 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers; 2 speakers and a single subwoofer (although there could be other configurations in between).

Choosing the best car amplifier

Finding the right car amplifier is not a daunting task. You could get something that suits your taste, a car or a pocket.

getting good bass

Do you want to get a jovial bass line? Then you should try to get a car amp that comes with a low pass filter that hardly sends low frequency notes to the subwoofer. It will prevent the subwoofer from playing high notes.

High-frequency audio enhancement

Car amplifiers that come with built-in high-pass filters can prevent tweeters from reproducing low-frequency sounds.

Looking for solid speaker level inputs

Today, most car stereos are installed and assembled at the factory. So they come with built-in amplifiers. So it’s best if you’re looking for car amplifiers with speaker level inputs that process already amplified signals.

Provide additional amplifications

You can try connecting one car amplifier to the other if you want to drive different speakers. When you want to have a special multi-amp system, make sure the head amp has a special pre-out. This ensures that you can send a signal to the secondary amplifier.

In most cases, you will find new car amps and used car amps if you search on eBay. People save a lot buying used amps and if you’re lucky you may get one of the latest models. Audiophiles upgrade their gear regularly and sell their used amps at deep discounts.

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Buy Car Amplifiers With Confidence

Before making your purchase, make sure you are fully aware of what you are buying. Do some research on the seller trying to understand exactly how eBay or PayPal can protect you? It also matters if and how much you know about the purchase.

For high-priced amps, be sure to get seller’s insurance while your product is being shipped to your address. Try to carefully read all the details stated in the item listings. And when you want to buy a new car amplifier, it can help if you factor shipping costs into the final price.

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