Borda Technology RFID Solution for Hospitals

As hospital staff go about their daily routines, caring for patients and performing vital procedures, they have one concern at the back of their minds: the safety of the assets they rely on to do their jobs. From valuable medical devices to simple tools, these items are constantly lost, stolen or misplaced, causing delays in patient care and adding unnecessary costs to the hospital.

Ensuring asset security is crucial to providing high-quality care in a hospital setting. Medical assets are expensive and essential resources that must be properly managed to ensure they are available when needed. As hospitals continue to face increasing demands and pressures, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled asset security can provide a valuable solution for keeping hospital medical assets secure.

Did you know that thefts caused by patients cost hospitals at least $52 million a year? Temperature monitors, glucometers, oximeters, infusion pumps, and other medical devices are often stolen from hospitals. Theft and loss of assets can be a significant problem in hospitals, especially near exit doors where assets can easily be removed from the building undetected.

Preventing asset loss in a hospital is critical to the financial stability and efficient operation of the facility. To maintain financial stability in hospital operations, hospitals can use specific technologies to avoid this loss. To ensure the security of assets in hospitals, Borda Technology’s RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology can be an effective solution. RFID technology tracks the location and movement of assets in real time through the use of tags that emit radio signals.

The hospital administration can establish a secure zone, particularly at the exit doors, and real-time alerts are sent to security in case of attempted theft, unauthorized movement or unintentional exit. Alarms are also generated, both audible and visual. These real-time alarms instantly prevent any theft or unauthorized movement.

The other critical aspect of asset security is the ability to integrate with hospital security systems. One of the most prominent examples is CCTV. Borda Technology’s RFID asset tags can be integrated with video surveillance systems, allowing staff to view real-time images of any asset movement. This allows hospital staff to identify the source of unauthorized movement, resulting in faster response times and saving hospital administration from incurring unnecessary costs such as rents and purchases.

Borda Technology’s RFID asset tracking is an effective solution to prevent theft and loss of assets in hospitals. By implementing an RFID asset tracking system, hospitals can ensure they provide high-quality care while minimizing financial risk.

Now that you’ve read all about the benefits of ensuring hospital asset safety, it’s time to give it a try. Contact Borda Technology today for more information!

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