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BMW has revealed more details about its EV launch plans, with the highlight being the arrival of the i5 Sedan in October 2023 alongside the next-generation gasoline-powered 5 Series. The company also plans to introduce the iX2 SUV sometime this year and an i5 touring EV in 2024. It’s all part of a plan to have battery EVs (BEVs) “in virtually every major segment of its business,” it said. the company at a glance. looking forward to 2023.

Just like it did with the i7, BMW will effectively launch its new 5 Series cars, including the electric i5 version, at the same time. “The flexible powertrain architecture means that the new BMW 5 Series sedan can be offered in fully electric and plug-in hybrid variants, as well as highly efficient petrol and diesel engines with 48V mild hybrid technology,” he wrote.

Noting that its all-electric i4 M50 was its best-selling M vehicle last year, BMW said it will also launch a performance M version of the i5. It will also add an i5 touring in 2024. “The BMW 5 Series Touring is very popular, particularly in Europe,” said BMW Chairman Oliver Zipse. “Starting in spring 2024, it will also come in an all-electric version, giving us a truly unique selling point in this segment.”

The other notable addition next year will be the iX2 crossover SUV, likely based on the upcoming X2 ICE model and a successor to the $83,200 iX. The latest model was perhaps most famous for its bizarre grille, but it offered some solid features, including an EPA-rated range of 321 miles.

Furthermore, BMW confirmed that both Rolls-Royce and Mini would go fully electric by 2030. In the near term, it said that “by 2024, at least one in five new company cars will have an all-electric drivetrain.” ; by 2025, every fourth new vehicle delivered should be a BEV, and by 2026, around one in three.” It hopes to sell two million EVs by 2025 and deliver 10 million to customers by 2030.

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