Best Free Online Chart Makers

Creating a chart doesn’t have to be difficult once you have the right tools at your disposal. Now, instead of having to draw a chart on a piece of paper or use advanced apps to get the job done, we suggest you take advantage of Free Online Chart Makers for less complicated graphics.

The question is, which online program is best for such a task? Well, there are quite a few online applications designed for graphics creation that are free to use.

Best Free Online Chart Makers

Online chart creators are plentiful, but we’ll only focus on free options like Microsoft Excel Online and Google Sheets, which are great options.

  1. microsoft excel online
  2. Google spreadsheets
  3. canvas
  4. TinyWow Chart Maker
  5. NCES Kids Zone Create a Chart

1]Microsoft Excel Online

microsoft excel online

One of the best ways to create graphics on the web if you are an experienced person is Microsoft Excel Online. For the most part, this tool comes with all the features that make Excel on the desktop so popular, and that includes the ability to create charts.

  • So, to create charts, you need to navigate to the official Excel Online website.
  • From there, sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Open a new workbook or one already created.
  • Make sure relevant content is available in your spreadsheet.
  • Then click on the Insert tab, and from there, find recommended graphics.
  • Choose one of the charts in the right panel.
  • In just a short moment, your chosen graph will appear.

2]Google Sheets

Google Sheets Chart Builder

Like Excel Online, it is also possible to create charts in Google Sheets. It’s just as easy too, so let us explain.

  • Open the Google Sheets website, and from there, sign in with your Google account.
  • Once this is done, open a new Sheet, or one that was previously created.
  • Add the data to the sheet, then click Insert.
  • The next step here is to click on Chart through the dropdown menu.
  • To the right of the window, a panel with a list of graphs will appear.
  • Choose the one you want for your Sheet, and you’re done.


Canva Chart Maker

What we have here is Canva graph maker, a web application that has similarities to Microsoft Office, although not as advanced. It’s also a great tool for creating charts with ease, probably easier than the options we’ve mentioned above.

Now when you start with Canva, it will ask you what type of chart you want to create. For those who aren’t sure, Canva will suggest various chart types, and all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs.

Once a chart is selected, you can choose an existing template or create one from scratch if you like.

4]TinyWow Chart Maker


Have you ever heard of TinyWow Chart Creator? This tool is perfect for those looking for a quick and easy way to create charts. No need to sign up with an account here or a premium plan. Just visit the website, choose a chart, and then customize it to fit your needs.

Personalization includes adding data points, chart settingsand Colors. Once completed, the chart can be downloaded to your computer for use elsewhere.

Note that the moment a file is generated, it is only valid for the next hour. After that, it will be automatically removed from the TinyWow Chart Creator platform.

5]NCES Kids Zone Create a Graphic

NCES Kids Zone Create a Chart

The last online tool we want to look at here is one called NCES Kids’ Zone. It’s the perfect program for those who want to create charts with their kids or have a bigger problem understanding how charts work.

With this app, people can choose from five different charts. The overall process is very simple, and even if you’re still having trouble, there’s a tutorial that’s easy to follow.

So, to create a chart, you need to select the chart type, then the direction, shape, and style. From there, add your preferred data and tags if needed. When you’re done, hit the Save button after previewing your work, and that’s it.

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How can I make a chart online for free? is a great way to create charts online. Users can make their own charts and graphs with ease as it does not require much effort to achieve. All you have to do is select a chart type, then enter the relevant data for the chart, and right away, a chart will be created instantly.

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Is the Canva chart maker free?

Yes, the Canva chart maker is free to use and can be done alone or with others in a collaborative situation. If you want more, take advantage of premium content and other design tools.

Best Free Online Chart Makers

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