Best Free 4K Themes for Windows 11/10

4K monitors are gaining popularity due to better prices. More computer users are choosing to invest in these monitors, especially with the rise of 4K-capable GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA. Now when a Windows computer user gets their first 4K monitor, we think the first thing to do is download some 4K Themes for Windows Desktop.

With that in mind, we have decided to share with you the best 4K Themes available through the Microsoft website. You can search elsewhere, but due to the nature of the Internet today, it’s best if we focus on topics from a trusted source.

Best 4K Themes for Windows 11/10

Finding the best 4K themes for Windows 11/10 devices is not a difficult matter if you know where to look. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find these options.

  1. earth from above
  2. National Geographic underwater
  3. bamboo world
  4. Amazon Landscapes
  5. vector art
  6. wild flowers
  7. japanese islands
  8. bending light
  9. animal portraits
  10. panoramic landscape

1]Earth from above

Earth from Above Wallpaper

If you want themes that show the Earth from above, then you will love it. earth from above. It comes with 14 images, all in 4K, all of which are images of our planet from outer space. These photos are designed to be used on a desktop, according to Microsoft.

Download Earth from Above via the Microsoft Store.

2]National Geographic Submarine

People who are in love with the ocean and the creatures that live in it will probably be drawn to this particular theme. This pack contains 12 photographs of stunning marine life, some of which you may not have seen before.

Download National Geographic Underwater 4K Themes via the Microsoft Store.

3]World of Bamboo

Bamboo World Wallpaper

Bamboo It’s perfect for so many things, but who would have thought that it’s also perfect for themes? From what we can tell, it works and looks pretty impressive, especially in the almighty 4K. The pack comes with a maximum of 20 images and they look splendid.

Download Word of Bamboo from the Microsoft Store.

4]Amazon Landscapes

Welcome to the Amazon jungle, a place of danger, but also of immense beauty. This is not a place you want to visit without a guide because of all the dangerous creatures in the bushes, but you can look at 20 high-quality photos from the safety of your Windows 11/10 computer.

Download Amazon Landscapes through the Microsoft Store.

5]Vector Art

Vector art wallpaper

Everything we’ve posted so far is about nature and the planet, so let’s shake things up a bit with a bit of vector. People who love this type of art will be impressed by the 10 photos in this theme pack. Look at them every day and be amazed at what creative humans can do.

Download Vector Art from the Microsoft Store.


Ahh yes, flowers; Who does not like them? They beautify your backyard and the planet in general. Not only that, but they are an important food source for bees and other types of insects. They are necessary in this world, and also on your desktop. According to our understanding, this pack comes with 18 photos, and they all look stunning.

Download Wildflowers from the Microsoft Store.

7]Japanese Islands

If you know anything about Japan, it should be apparent that the country is home to many islands. In fact, Japan itself is an island, basically an archipelago of 6,852 islands, and of that number, about 250 are inhabited by humans. Now, this theme doesn’t show all the islands, but it does provide 18 stunning photos.

Download Japanese Islands through the Microsoft Store.

8]Flex light

bending light It looks great when passed through a prism, but not everyone can see the beauty in it. If you do, then of course we think you will fall in love with this theme pack. A generous 18 stunning 4K images are housed here, and have impressive special effects.

Download Bending Light via the Microsoft Store.

9]Animal portraits

Do you love animals? Of course. That is why you will fall head over heels in love with this theme pack. It contains photographs of 18 stunning-looking animals of all kinds, and we think animal enthusiasts will eat it up.

Download Animal Portraits from the Microsoft Store.

10]Panoramic Cityscape

Cities taken from the right angle can be extremely beautiful, and all of the ones in this 4K theme pack are exactly that. The images span the globe, from Sydney to Prague, Singapore to Dubai, and the pack itself contains 10 of them. We expected more, but since they are freely available, we are willing to take whatever we can get.

Download Panoramic Cityscape from the Microsoft Store.

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Are free themes safe?

Free themes are usually safe if downloaded from legitimate sources. Other sources may include themes with adware or malware, but at the same time, some of these unofficial sources are safe, you just have to do your due diligence.

Is 2160p the same as 4K?

4K refers to the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is about four times the size of a 1080p image, which is why the term 4K is used. So technically 4K isn’t the same as 2160p, but the difference is so minuscule that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.

What is the typical size of a 4K image?

These photos are large, so if they are not compressed, they can reach sizes of several megabytes and, in other cases, gigabytes. Therefore, a typical theme package, depending on the compression used, could exceed 100 MB or more. Also, to use such large images on your computer, you will need a powerful GPU and CPU. Failure to do so could lead to severe slowdowns and possible crashes, so always keep this in mind in the future.

Free 4K Themes for Windows 11/10

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