Backlash erupts as Microsoft cuts AI ethics staff

what you need to know

  • AI is a growing field of technology that powers several services, including Microsoft’s Bing Chat.
  • Microsoft has invested or committed to invest $11 billion in OpenAI research and development.
  • Microsoft just fired one of the teams responsible for making sure AI is used ethically.
  • AI tools have been criticized by many professional artists and writers.

Microsoft’s new Bing Chat tool is making a splash, but the tech giant now lacks a dedicated team focused on implementing AI technology in a way that meets company guidelines.

According to a new report from Platformer (via The Verge (opens in a new tab)), Microsoft recently fired one of the teams responsible for managing ethics in the use of AI. This comes at a time when Bing Chat is growing in popularity, with the tool pushing Bing to over 100 million daily active users.

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