ASUS readies 192GB DDR5 memory support for its AMD AM5 motherboards

ASUS is among several manufacturers that will soon offer support for up to 192 GB of DDR5 memory on its line of AMD AM5 motherboards.

DDR5 memory support up to 192GB for AMD AM5 platform, ASUS prepares latest BIOS firmware

Last week, we reported that AMD and its motherboard partners were working on releasing the latest AGESA BIOS firmware that would enable support for 24GB and 48GB memory modules, allowing memory capacities up to 192 GB on the existing AM5. motherboards (X670(E) / B650(E)).

Now ASUS Technical Marketing Manager has shown initial support for up to 192GB of DDR5 memory running on the ROG STRIX X670E-E Gaming WIFI motherboard. The ASUS representative also shared a screenshot showing that the motherboard was able to boot into the Windows 11 operating system without any hiccups. In the screenshot, we can see the motherboard with four units of Corsair Vengeance DDR5 memory kits with capacities of 48 GB. That’s a total of 192GB of capacity running at DDR5-5200 speeds.

Now, ASUS hid the BIOS version they used for this motherboard and it is likely to be the BETA AGESA BIOS that was recently shipped here or the upcoming AGESA BIOS firmware. So far, we have only seen ASUS list the newest AGESA firmware and it is rolling out to 8 X670E motherboards. The official website lists BIOS 0925 which is based on AGESA firmware.

This is definitely a breakthrough by offering capacities up to 192 GB on AMD AM5 boards. Intel 600 and 700 series motherboards have already received several BIOS updates and optimized support for 24GB and 48GB non-binary memory kits, so we should expect similar support on AMD AM5 series motherboards. 600 in the next week.

While there is no information on the actual release timeframe for the new BIOS, our sources have already mentioned that it will be available for various motherboard vendors in April or next month, so stay tuned for more information.

News source: VideoCardz

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