Airstream and Porsche Introduce Innovative New Travel Trailer Designed for Electric Vehicle Owners

The concept trailer is aimed at users who live in urban environments. Rather than offer another RV option for those with ample storage space in rural settings, the collaboration has built a trailer with a lower suspension and pop-up roof. These features make the trailer garage storageable, rather than demanding additional space in the yard or driveway. “Innovation is the art of discovering the possible,” Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler said of the design. “It’s a new design approach aimed at reaching a broader and more diverse base of potential customers.”

The insulated pop-up roof is the first of its kind for an Airstream and creates a 12-inch swing that can be raised while parked to improve headroom and lowered while driving to take advantage of improved aerodynamics. The roof is made of carbon fiber and includes solar panels integrated directly into the upper plane. These are connected to a lithium battery that can store the collected solar energy to improve ecology while driving or camping on the road. The trailer’s design uses lighter materials and improved aerodynamics that make the unit ideal for towing behind an EV, something more and more car owners are switching to. The EV arena is also something that isn’t new to Airstream or Porsche, lending more credibility to the conceptual collaboration.

The trailer is 16.4 feet long and includes a convertible interior sleeping area that measures 82 inches by 61 inches. When not in use as a sleeping space, the seating area flows seamlessly into a kitchenette with a stove and sink, as well as plenty of storage space. Under the floor, there is a 10-inch recess that contains the hot water tank, heating unit, spare tire, and battery pack.

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