AI-powered Bing can help answer even the vaguest gaming questions

what you need to know

  • Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing search engine is currently in preview.
  • Today, Microsoft showed how this new tool will be able to provide better answers to gaming questions, like how to defeat a boss or how to get specific game recommendations that suit your preferences.
  • This new version of Bing will also ask follow-up questions to your own questions to better narrow down the most useful answers.
  • To gain access, users must first register on the waiting list.

Microsoft’s new Bing Chat AI has gotten a lot of attention recently, as the software company has been showing off its chops and practical uses. These new features have obviously impressed a lot of people, as Microsoft Bing recently surpassed 100 million daily active users for the first time.

This morning, the company released a Player’s Guide (opens in a new tab) explaining how to use the new AI-powered Bing to get more accurate and detailed answers to gaming questions in a way we’ve never seen before.

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