A developer has made it so that Bing Chat can work in a terminal, because why not?

what you need to know

  • Officially, Bing Chat is only available through Microsoft’s own apps on desktop and mobile.
  • That hasn’t stopped an enterprising developer from reverse engineering to work within Python in a terminal environment.
  • However, you must still have received access through your Microsoft account, so this is not a workaround.
  • The project is hosted on GitHub for anyone to take a look at.

The continued attention on Bing Chat doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon, and this little project hosted on GitHub is living proof. While official access requires Microsoft apps on desktop or mobile, this project has reverse-engineered Bing Chat for access via a terminal.

Why? Why not?

It’s called EdgeGPT and it’s the work of the GitHub user acheong08. First, no, I haven’t used it personally, but it sounds pretty interesting. It is built with Python, which is easily available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also requires that you have access to Bing Chat through your Microsoft account, although you won’t enter your account credentials.

(Image credit: acheong08/GitHub)

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