Sketchup for Schools Stuck in Authentication Loop

Hi, I was wondering if you could add to your white list. Thank you

@joy can you add Thank you!

Thank you for whitelisting our domain.

Hello everyone,

I have added the following user domain to our registry.

@jbirchfield @dustan @myers.peter @Mhberrios7 @william.corbin @dcover @shawn.gordon @bella3 @Zachd

Please note that your G Suite administrator will need to approve the app’s permissions to deploy SketchUp for Schools to your domain. If you haven’t already done so, direct your admin to the SketchUp for Schools app page in the G Suite marketplace:

Same problem with my school:

Thank you! same problem

Hi team,

We are having the same problem on our domain, can you check if “” is whitelisted or not?

Add to the allow list.
Thank you!


I am needing and added to the allow list as well.

Thank you,

Hello! You can add to the allow list? Thank you.

Can you whitelist our domain?

please add

Good day!

We have been experiencing a similar issue with the feedback loop. Sketchup has been successfully installed and deployed to Google Admin. I am able to access the platform, however our teachers and students cannot.

Could you please whitelist? so we can see if that works?

Thank you!

Hi @Steve_Ketchup, could you also add whitelist please? It seems that we are also stuck in this loop.

Thank you

Hello. My students have the same problem: stuck in a loop. Our domain is

Hi, when I try to use Sketchup for Edu on our GSuite for Edu domain, I keep getting the error “Are you in the right place?”. When I open the app, it asks me to sign in with our Google credentials, but then it still shows the same error. The strange thing is that no one else in my school has this problem. I’ve contacted the tech office and they can’t seem to figure it out either. Any ideas?


One of my employees can’t log in while others can. Can you whitelist it?

Hi Joy, I have some students who can’t log in to Sketchup, they get the error message about popups, but the popups are not disabled… If another student uses the same desktop, does it work…? They have tried logging into Safari, Chrome, all with the same result. Any ideas?

Our school’s domain is

Hello, our school is also stuck in an authentication cycle. I wonder if the domain has been whitelisted? If so, we could use some more help trying to gain access. Please let me know as we have a ton of students ready to go.

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