9 things the Xbox Series X can do that the PlayStation 5 can’t

One of the biggest distinguishing features of the Xbox Series X compared to the PlayStation 5 is the backwards compatibility within its controllers. With the exception of the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Sony’s consoles have never had backwards compatibility on their controllers, meaning console owners have been forced to invest in unique controllers for each generation of the system. While some PS4 accessories will work with the PS5, controllers are the exception. The reason for the lack of flexibility within Sony’s controllers has to do with the distinctive features that separate each generation from the next. The PlayStation 4 controller, for example, got a touchpad on its predecessor, and when it comes to the current generation, Sony has stated that it’s unwilling to have PS5 games played on hardware that isn’t designed for them. .

What Sony has gained through innovation with its controllers, Xbox has more than made up for through continuity. The Xbox 360 controller has a user-friendly interface that fixed several issues that the original Xbox controllers had and added features (like the guide button) that have since become a staple on the modern controller. For this reason, the original Xbox 360 hardware continues to cooperate with modern Xbox consoles. Rather than reinventing the wheel by adding new features over the years, Xbox has opted to make subtle improvements to its controllers, such as altering the texture of the controller shell and making improvements to the analog sticks and d-pad.

For this reason, gamers can take advantage of one of the Series X’s three USB 3.0 ports to connect their original Xbox 360 controllers if they so choose. Also, the continued support for Xbox 360 controllers is indicative of just how timeless Xbox controller design really is.

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