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The worst decision I made last month was “buying the wrong pair of wireless speakers online.” I knew they were in trouble from the moment they arrived at my door. There was no bass, the sound quality was horrible, and they were so big that I had to think twice before moving them from one place to another.

After a month I realized those speakers weren’t working and had to buy a new pair. I still have them in a corner of my house, to remind me of the foolish decision I made.

However, the new pair of wireless speakers I ordered online are pretty good. They are exactly what I wanted – great sound quality, great bass and light weight. This is because this time I did not make the decision in a hurry. Instead, I did my research carefully, took all the important points into account, and followed some really helpful tips.

You will know these tips in this blog and they will help you choose the best portable wireless speaker on the market. Let’s start:

Follow these simple tips to buy quality portable Bluetooth speakers

  1. Never compromise on sound quality

The only reason you are investing your money in a portable wireless speaker is that you want to have an amazing sound experience that you will never be able to achieve with a poor sound quality speaker.

Even if it is less expensive, you will always regret having invested your money in something that was not worth it.

Therefore, never compromise on sound quality. Even if you have to spend a couple hundred extra dollars, choose a wireless speaker with the best sound quality.

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  1. Look for a speaker with fast charging and good battery life

You certainly wouldn’t want to keep your portable wireless speaker attached to the wall all the time, because then it wouldn’t be truly portable.

So look for portable Bluetooth speakers that charge in minutes and last all day so you can enjoy music without interruption.

  1. Light and easy to carry

Big wireless speakers are always a pain to carry around. You probably won’t want to buy them. Instead, you probably want something that’s lightweight and can be carried in your pockets so you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere.

So, always look for speakers that are lightweight and easy to transport so you can enjoy music more than worry about moving it from one place to another.

  1. Support multiple devices

There will be no limit to your disappointment if you find that the wireless speaker you just bought is not compatible with your old Android phone because then it would be a waste of money.

So before you buy your Bluetooth speaker, make sure that it is compatible with all devices like iPhones, iPads, Android phones, desktop computers, etc.

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  1. Wireless speakers must be durable, resistant to water and dust.

The risk of falling is always there with wireless speakers, especially if they are lightweight and can be easily swayed to the beat. Therefore, you should look for a speaker that is durable and can withstand heights.

Furthermore, the speaker must be waterproof so you can use it even if it’s raining and dustproof so that no dust prevails on it.

  1. Appearance and build quality

Many people may claim otherwise, but the design of your speaker matters. You wouldn’t want a speaker that’s so ugly you can’t even show it off to your friends. So the Bluetooth speaker should look good.

But just the looks of your speaker aren’t enough. The construction material must also be durable and resistant to shocks.

  1. multifunctional speaker

A multifunctional speaker is always a keeper. It is always good to have a Bluetooth speaker with FM and a wireless speaker with aux because it gives you more options to play your favorite media.

Therefore, when buying a wireless speaker, make sure that it is multifunctional and supports various music playback options such as Bluetooth, FM, USB, and auxiliary. The speaker should also come with an equalizer mode.

All these things will ensure that you can play your favorite music the way you want.

  1. purpose of use

Last but not least. Choosing a portable wireless speaker also depends on the purpose for which you want to buy it.

Do you only want to buy it to listen to music only in the room?

( either )

Do you want to play songs at a party with friends?

Each wireless speaker serves a specific purpose. You just need to find the one that meets yours.

Bonus tip: do your research, compare, and then choose the best speaker

You can’t just pick a random wireless speaker and hope it’s the best. Things don’t work like that.

Instead, you will have to research all the speakers available on the market, compare them all, and select the one that meets your requirements.

Hopefully this help guide will help you in your search. Best of luck!

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