Version 3.1.0 – 01.11.2023

  • Layer control integration enabled with the Medeek Project extension.
  • Moved the Medeek Estimating module to the Medeek Project extension.
  • Moved the Medeek Documents module to the Medeek Project extension.

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Version 3.1.1 – 19.01.2023

  • Fixed a bug with ICF Walls.
  • Fixed a typo in the HTML of the General tab of Global Settings.

Tutorial 32 – Automatic dimensioning (9:31 min.)

Tutorial 33 – ICF Walls (5:51 min.)

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Walkthrough 34 – Modification of Openings (7:19 min.)

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Thinking a bit about various topics today, my attention was drawn to sloped walls due to the need for this type of wall when creating dormers etc.

After thinking about this for a few minutes, I realized that I can take any type of wall, basically subtract the geometry that is bisected by the inclined plane, and then draw the new inclined bottom plates.

The additional parameters required to create a sloped wall are:

Tilt angle: theta > 0, theta < 90
Direction: Left or Right
Offset: positive or negative from the start or end of the wall

Thoughts or suggestions?

Actually, it would take two Boolean subtractions to remove the geometry. The first to remove studs and other framing and the second to remove siding, siding, wainscoting, plaster and other materials.


Version 3.1.2 – 02.05.2023

  • Fixed a bug with metric templates propagating from version 3.0.8.
  • Fixed a specific bug with autoloading wall presets.

Critical bug fixes, especially for metric templates. I highly recommend upgrading to version 3.1.2 if you have installed version 3.0.8 or later.

The autoload error has to do with enabling the autoload preset option in Global Settings and then deleting the preset that was selected as the default autoload preset.

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Version 3.1.2b – 02.07.2023

  • Fixed a minor bug with the Wall Selection Matrix (Gable, Shed, and Hip walls).

This error was caused by a consolidation and general cleanup I did on the code a few cycles ago. Even when a gable wall was selected, it would automatically revert to a rectangular wall. I just noticed this yesterday, but the bug has probably been around for at least a month.

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I just noticed that the Medeek Wall – Global Settings dialog has an UPDATES TAB. Reflects the change log located on the Medeek website. It is very convenient.

Any chance this tab could be added to the Global Settings dialogs of the other Medeek plugins?


I think you’re the first person who’s actually said anything about this.

Yes, my intention is to do this with every plugin, there really isn’t anything, but it just hasn’t been high on the priority list.

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I have forgotten to tell you many things because I feel like a plague.


Put them all together and send them my way, comments and suggestions are good.

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A couple of users experienced a bug where the number of layers in the column. and the amount of king stud. have appeared white in the Column tab of the global configuration.

Normally this tab should appear as something below.

If anyone else has found this bug, please notify me via email ([email protected]).

I’m trying to track this down and figure it out, but so far I haven’t been able to duplicate it in my own plugin installation.

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Version 3.1.3 – 16.02.2023

  • Fixed a bug with door presets within the Edit Door menu.

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So far so good with SketchUp 2023 and plugins. I was able to do some testing with the BETA builds of SU2023, so I was pretty sure there would be no issues, but you never know with this sort of thing.

If anyone notices anything please let me know ASAP.


Version 3.1.4 – 03.12.2023

  • Added the following types of doors: a flat panel (single and double).

This update by customer request.


Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to change the amount of splines in the build section of a column? I recently installed the plugin, so if I miss it, I apologize. Thanks in advance!



Currently the number of flutes is hardcoded, but let me take a look at this.

If I remember correctly the number of flutes is 24 except the Doric column which is 20.

I suppose you could add another parameter that allows you to specify the number of flutes (within reason), I’ll take that into consideration.

“The fluted columns designed under the Doric architectural order have 20 flutes . Ionic, Corinthian and Composite columns are traditionally 24”.

However, I can see that there may be cases where one wants to change this.

Version 3.1.5 – 17.03.2023

  • Added a rib number parameter for classic columns.

(number of flutes)

I didn’t really want to delve into this right now, but after a quick inspection of my code, I realized that it would only take a few minutes to add this extra parameter so that one could adjust the look of the classic columns.

This update by customer request.

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