Why are the section break symbols inside skup so big?

Is it possible to show my section break symbols in the layout without redrawing it?

Thank you

Share your SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve set up. They are usually not that big.

thanks dave
Here is a DP link to access the file. It expires tomorrow.

They are large because their section planes are large. They cover things that they don’t need to include like the terrain.

Here I have added a new section cut 2 only in the group for the building. You can see that the symbols are much smaller in relation to the building.

I noticed a lot of misuse of tags.

Probably from the imported .dwg

Thank you very much Dave, now I understand.
I am aware of the labels and the large number of edges and faces. The model was created in Revit and since I’m using Skup Pro the best model import method I know of is to export as DWG (solids) from rvt and bring it into skp. It’s obviously far from perfect as the materials and groups are not consistent and as a result I also end up importing DWG files as provided by the architect or using PDFimport from Estimator for Skup. Both result in significant time spent cleaning and bundling.
The most common example for a large number of borders is grid lines or textures.
I would appreciate if you have any suggestions to help improve my workflow and keep the model tidy.

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The thing about tags is that the imported geometry comes tagged, but in SketchUp the tags only need to be assigned to the groups and components of the model. I would suggest unlabeling all the geometry from the import and then making groups or components as needed and giving them the labels. This would be especially useful if you use the imported geometry in the model rather than just as a reference that you’ll delete later.

Thank you. Good advice. Will serve.

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