SU Outliner 2023 looks different

I always work with Outliner open to keep track of group hierarchies. And, until SU2023, I was able to select a group to edit by double-clicking the ‘black box’ next to the group name in Outliner; it’s a great way for me to make sure the edit is done in the correct group.

SU2023 seems to have removed that feature and my workaround is to select the group/right click/Edit group.

I know it’s not a big problem, but it’s driving me crazy. Any ideas?

I’m on windows and I can double click the edit box and it works the same way.
I have update 2023 installed.

I appreciate the comments; thank you.

The eyeliner no longer reacts like it used to and is no longer useful as it is. :cry:

Selection drawing a rectangle => no
Right click on a partial selection => no
right click on a full selection => yes while holding SHIFT
Not to mention the instability of its anchorage and dimension.


The release notes for 2023.0.1 have these three entries for Outliner fixes:

  • (Win) Fixed an issue where selecting a component with the mouse in the Outline dialog did not allow the user to click and move the component.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where editing a component name in the Schematic would not work correctly.
  • (Win) Fix an issue when opening two models with the Outline dialog open that SketchUp would fail to exit.

The download page has the new version:

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Su patch 2023.01 fixes the liner panel
Well done !

All fixed now – thanks. Although. my Windows antivirus refused to download and install the latest version of SU; I had to turn off the antivirus to make the process easier; I didn’t enjoy that.

If you can figure out the steps, here’s a page from Microsoft where you can make a complaint about getting a ‘false positive’ when installing SketchUp:

We already filed a complaint as a software developer.

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