New computer: SketchUp 2023 won’t install

Hello everyone,

Work upgraded me to a desktop and I’m working on installing SketchUp – Windows 11 and SketchUp 2023 (I was on 10 and 2022 before), but I’m having trouble.

I get the error “MD5 check failed” and I guess I should go find that folder, delete it and try again. The SketchUp installer will not complete.

Let me know what you think. Thank you

There are already several threads about it.
Look at this one, for example:

Yes, excuse me. I just saw one of those posts. I’m looking into it, the problem is that my computer doesn’t show the threat lol. He’s going to be here in a minute, so I can make him do it.

No problem. :wink:

Let them know about the topic I linked…

Will serve. Why won’t it let me disable Windows Defender lol even though I’m an administrator

EDIT: I didn’t go through the proper setup window. Windows 11 is a new operating system for me and it doesn’t work as well as I expected.

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When installing SketchUp, do you select the installer exe file’s context menu item and select ‘Run as administrator’?
If not, the permissions will be messed up…

the same thing happened to me today

I’ve tried it and it doesn’t change anything

Defender displays this threat.

Published June 3, 2018 | Updated

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Getting this same MD5 Check Failed error when trying to install SketchUp version 2023.0.397

Version 2023.0.367 installs successfully. But I’m not sure how you can purchase an earlier version of SketchUp 2023 because the SketchUp download page only offers version 397 right now.

Yip experiencing the same…

This is apparently a false positive reported by Windows Defender, not by other security packages:

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