Fix Alt key and menu bar problem soon

I, and I’m sure many others, use the alt key frequently with shortcuts. The strange behavior of the menu bar firing up and not releasing as it should is significantly slowing down my use of this program. It’s incredibly annoying to always be looking at the menu bar to see if it’s on, and then having to press the Alt key again. In my experience, alt key modifier operation with shortcuts seems to inconsistently crash the menu bar. Please correct as soon as possible.

What’s up today? Try installing the update from Download All | Sketch Up. Make sure to right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator.

Thanks Dave!
I am wondering where exactly should I go to download the update? I am currently downloading SketchUp 2023 again. I hope my settings are preserved.

jim clendon

Hi Dave,

When I follow your link I get to the following page…
As of here, I’m not sure what to do to get the update…
I followed the ‘More Information’ link, but that only takes me to the marketing information…
I tried to download Sketchup 2023 again and install it as administrator, but the error persists…

Is the rule update option below?

Oh boy Dave…
Can you tell from the screenshots below if I successfully installed version 2023.0.1?
When I tried this version, using my alt modifier hotkey, the menu bar was still on…

I’m sorry Jim. I was in Robotics all night. I just walked in the door. It looks like you have the updated version and you should be good to go.

Thanks Dave
Is robotics a club of like-minded people? It sounds clean.

Have you tried the alt key shortcut? The same happens to me…

I am doing my windows update now and will try again.


It’s FIRST Robotics. I am one of the mentors of the local team. See:

Yes. I have tried. Did you restart Windows and SketchUp after installing the update?

Very nice team, I’m sure there is a lot of technical creativity coming out of it!

Well, I’m struggling with this and losing… I updated Windows, restarted my computer, and closed and re-entered SketchUp.

I downloaded the .exe file below:

from the highlighted link below:

I then applied for admin as you suggested.

The alternative shortcut problem persists…

below is my test:

I just drew some borders:

then I use my shortcut key (alt + c) to connect everything:

then I press c (my shortcut to create component) and the camera menu drops – AHHHH, very frustrating:


I wanted to share with you that due to your help and insistence in adapting the design, I was able to prepare the attached envelope detail which has been very well received by our staff and labor, our subcontractors and our envelope consultant. Thanks again Dave!

230314-BOW360A-LEV2-BALC-PDF.pdf (3.27 MB)

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