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Hello! I used to run SketchUp Pro on a Mac operating system, but had to switch to Windows last year for other reasons. I have a picture from a customer showing the type of wood and the color he wants. I knew how to import that on the Mac version, but I can’t figure it out with Windows. I’m not sure what I’m missing! Can anyone help?

So you just want to use the image they sent as a texture in your SketchUp model? There are a couple of ways to do it. One is to use File>Import, select the image, and choose Use as Material. Then apply that image to a face on the model. The other is done in the Edit tab of the Materials window. Start with a selected color, go to the Edit tab, and click the folder icon. Next, select the file you want to use and edit the dimensions to suit it.

Thanks for the help!

I have an other question. See the attached image; See the lines on the dresser? I added the customer’s wood selection, but it somehow overlaps and creates lines. Any ideas on how to remove them?
Children's chest of drawers with lines

Yes. You have material repetition because the texture image is shorter than the “board” you’re trying to cover, it’s not evenly lit, and the pattern isn’t perfect. If you must use that image, you can fake it by editing the length to be longer. Click the chain icon between the width and height dimensions so you can edit the length without changing the height.

When I create my own wood materials, I use images of full boards. A short image for me would be about 6 feet long, but they are usually 8-12 feet long. That allows me to cover almost anything with a single length and not worry about this kind of thing.

Here are some examples of some of my whole plank photo wood textures.

That makes sense! Thanks for your help today. Much appreciated!

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