Layout 2022 crashes when refreshing the document. no bugsplat

Specifically attached model and design files, others are not affected.
Windows 10. Sketchup/Layout 2022.
In LO, 9 times out of 10 LO fails when I try to update the referenced SU model.
I tried to repair the installation and purged the unused ones in LO and SU. I’ve also tried deleting pages in LO to identify if there is a specific culprit. Mirthless. I’ve been pulling my hair out, there isn’t much left. I don’t know where to look next, any ideas or guidance?

Strangely, after a crash, I sometimes, but not always, have to go through the entire Trimble login process again through a Chrome web page. And sometimes the browser page doesn’t display correctly so there is nowhere to enter my username. My network runs Pihole. If I disable Pihole and reload the Trimble login page, the username field will be available. However, Pihole doesn’t seem to be blocking any requests from Trimble or Sketchup.

Build Manual DRAFT_14.03.2023.layout (9.6 MB)
4011127124_John Owens_A 14.03.2023.skp (3.7 MB)

Are the files you’ve been working on saved locally on your internal drive? Or are they located on a network or cloud drive?

Does this version of your file behave differently?
Build Manual DRAFT_14.03.2023 DR.layout (9.6 MB)

Thanks Dave We use Google Drive, the files are effectively local to C:\ but sync to the cloud. That being said, Google Drive must be running to access the folders and files.
I’ll test your file tonight.

OK. That means you’re working on files directly from the cloud. That is somewhat risky. There have been numerous cases where files have been corrupted during save or auto-save. In your case, the crashes could be caused by excessive access times during updates.

The general wisdom is to work on files saved on a local (internal) drive and only sync them to the cloud when you’re done working on the project.

You may consider Trimble Connect for your cloud storage. When you open a file to work on it, the file is first downloaded to a temporary folder so that it is saved to that local folder. Only when you publish to Trimble Connect again is the file uploaded/saved there.

I would disable the new google drive steaming feature and switch it to mirror files.

Onedrive does something similar and many programs don’t like it when you try to open a file and suddenly it’s not there and you have to wait for it to be there.

You can also try making sure your SketchUp file folder is set to be available offline; this can also reduce the risk of such rarities.

Well, thank you gentlemen. I’ll compare the performance to files traditionally saved to C:\ and report back.
However, it is curious that only these pair of files are problematic. :thought:

Edit: I just checked the settings. The files have always been available offline, so nothing has changed there.

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Now I tried with the files in a test folder in C:
Still getting the crash.

And still no Bug Splats?

According to the specs I can find for the computer you are using, “Dell Optiplex 7460”, the GPU has integrated Intel UHD graphics. Integrated GPUs have never been recommended for SketchUp, but one thing you can try that at least won’t hurt is to go to Intel’s site and get the latest drivers to install. Drivers provided by Windows may be damaged. It’s a pretty usual event anyway.

No Bug Splats yet.

I just tested your version of the layout file, Dave. It still fails.

All drivers checked, all latest versions. This PC has been as good as gold, used daily for SU and LO with no issues. It’s just these two files. I have submitted a request to Support.
Thanks for your help.

How did you check the drivers?

There’s something on one of them, probably the SketchUp file, that your computer doesn’t like. Maybe I’ll brutalize the SketchUp model and see if I can come up with something else.

Tools downloaded and run from the Intel support site.

this ^

Revealing your inner sadist? Or is it masochism? :smiley:

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Does this one behave better?
Build Manual DRAFT_14.03.2023 DR2.layout (8.3 MB)
I removed all the text and dimensions from the SketchUp model as a test. While doing that I noticed that in some cases the text was still 3D text and in other cases the 3D text had been exploded into raw geometry. It could be that exploded text elements are a problem, but not 3D text components.

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