Creating a realistic rocky shoreline using sketchup/vray


I’m trying to recreate a rocky shoreline. So far I’m not happy with using a texture on a flat surface. I was trying to embed 3d rocks but it still didn’t work. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for creating a realistic rocky shoreline?

“Rocky shoreline” is a pretty broad description. It would help if you would post some images showing what you are looking for.

Hello Tuna1957

Thanks for the reply. I think this will also be determined by the options available to create a realistic coastline.

The first image looks very Finnish to me. The last Ice Age formed the rocks. (edit, I found the image, it is in the same latitudes but in the American continent)

The cabin I’m modeling is on the east shore of Lake Huron, just like the photos I’ve attached.

I haven’t done a rocky coastline, but I have done dunes and grass. You’ll need to sandbox some terrain, then create an infinite plane with water as a v-ray texture. For the terrain texture, I created maps of where the grass would grow and the sand would show. I have also done this with rocky wooded terrain.

So you’ll want to use the skatter plugin to randomly size and distribute trees, rocks, brush, etc.

I used similar techniques for this forest pavilion.

Be sure to spend time on lighting and atmosphere.


Thanks bmike for the reply. I’m looking to combine sand and stone textures with 3D rock models.
Finding it almost impossible to create a rocky surface with the SandBox tool (correct me if I’m wrong).

You will have to create the base with the sandbox and then spread rocks on it, group them and randomly scale and rotate them. It will require a lot of memory to render and handle, so you may need to use proxy objects for the rocks. Further away from the camera you can use painted textures.

Take a look at Megascans. It has a cost, but they are great.

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Thank you very much Mike for the answer.

Hi Eric

Thanks for the reply. She was watching Megascans yesterday. Can you adjust the sizes of the rocks when in Sketchup plus the rocks will become a proxy if needed?

Good question. Yes, you can adjust the size… scale just like any other component. Next note that you will need an importer for MS as they provide the .OBJ format. I like Transmutr.

Here’s the materials slot where it takes a few seconds to plug them in:

Here is the rendered rock. This rock alone weighs 15MB, but that’s all material. Without materials it is only 1mb.

Here’s a proxy exported from V-Ray side by side for comparison…

But note that the OBJ import is quite small with less than 900 borders :wink:

I tested it using Chaos Cosmos and Chaos Scatter on some parts of the Add Location terrain.

my skp is here if you want to take a look


Hello Adam

Thanks for the reply. To confirm that you used the Cosmos rocks. If so, did you use a mixture of the different rocks?

Those are the!
I used about 4 – if you look at the SKP you can see the spread settings I used.

They looked much better when I adjusted the probability of the rocks so they weren’t so spread out in numbers.

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