Hello. New to the forum. Recently updated to Ventura and Sketchup 2023 for Mac. I was hoping it would solve my memory issues and it has to some extent, but not if I want to open other apps. I keep running out of memory. My Sketchup file is huge at 800MB, but it takes up almost 28GB of my 64GB memory. If I leave the file open overnight it consumes up to 47 GB of memory and my system runs out of memory. Is it normal for Sketchup Pro to take up this amount of memory for a large file?

800 MB is huge for a SketchUp file. Is much of the space consumed by large images and/or textures, or by geometry (edges and faces)? I would like to know what the total edge and face count statistics are reported by the Model Information window. Either way, such a large SKP file will consume a lot of runtime memory in the SketchUp application.

That said, memory consumption shouldn’t spontaneously increase, which is how I interpret your description of the result of leaving SketchUp running (but idle, for all you know) overnight.

I am aware that it is huge with many image textures. I used to have it on my 2014 32GB MacBookpro with some issues, which is why I upgraded to the new Mac. I’m not really asking for a solution to shrink the file. I can take the time to go through all the solutions to reduce or split it. I thought I had bought enough memory. I was planning to go talk to the guys at Apple about it, but before you get back to me and say it’s a SketchUp problem, I wanted to see if 28GB was reasonable for an 800MB file…and lots of borders.

14 million edges is a crazy amount.

I think that’s all.
Since you are using 2023, 800MB is a compressed file, so the file itself will be larger than 1GB.

I would imagine that at this point your CPU and GPU are having issues as well, since with such a complex file, they will be running on overdrive.

There has to be some optimization in there that can be done to deflate that and reduce memory usage.

I like challenges. If you can share it, I’ll gladly take a look at it.

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I will add that many (most?) softwares are like goldfish. Give them a bigger bowl, they will grow.

Some software, thinking of Photoshop at the moment, allows the user to limit the use of RAM. ITS no.
So in your case, you have a huge file, very very heavy, on a machine with a lot of RAM. I’m not surprised you’re taking up your space.

How long have you been working when you took this screenshot? 28 Gb immediately at first would be too much, but after a few hours, yeah for sure. After all, it’s only 45% of your available RAM.

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