I can’t load a file from a previous version if I save it in Sketchup 2022

I am trying to save a site model that I downloaded from cadmapper.com to my hard drive, but I get the following message when I try to open the file after downloading it:

“You will not be able to load this file in an older version of SketchUp if you save it in SketchUp2022.”

Is there anyone who can help me with this problem? Every time I try to save it, the next time I go into my computer, it’s gone. I spent some time looking for help online and haven’t found any solution. PLEASE HELP!!!

It is not a problem. There is already a file loaded. It is an information that the specific file you opened is a version 15.01 file.
It then warns you that if you’re saving it in this version (2022) of Sketchup, you won’t be able to open it in that older version of Sketchup.

If you do not intend to use the older version of Sketchup, simply accept a message by clicking the Accept… button.

Anyway, you can save as previous version if you want.

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Also, there could be an error during zip extraction.
Ok, cadmapper gives you a zip file.

If you simply double click on it, you will see the contents and be able to open the SU file. but it will not save inside the zip file.

save as to a safe location, or right click on the zip file and choose extract (depending on which zip tool you have installed)

I extract the contents of the zip folder to a folder on my hard drive, then open the SketchUp file and get the message in the attached image. If I try to save the file somehow, after closing SketchUp and restarting my laptop, the file is not in the folder it was saved to. I even saved it to a folder that contained other SketchUp files from a few months ago, and now they’re gone too.

After trying to delete my now empty folder I get this error message…

I’m very confused. The initial message I get when I load the downloaded file into SketchUp is that it can’t be loaded in older versions if I save it in SketchUp 2022, but I don’t even try to open it in an older version. The version I use is sketchup pro 2022.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I really need help, that’s why I came here…

If this can be of any help, I googled the error code and got this among other results:

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