Sketchup PRO with VRAY Subscription Upgrade to Studio

Has anyone had the situation of having a current Sketchup Pro license with a recently purchased VRAY subscription and wanting to upgrade to Studio due to the Revit import feature? I was hoping to somehow save the cost of the recently purchased VRAY as it is included in Studio. It would be nice if there was a reduced cost to just add the Revit importer.

I have tried customer support with a couple of emails and no response. If anyone has encountered this issue with some sort of resolution, that would be great to hear from you.

In what you base? I use a reseller in the UK who seem to be able to negotiate with SketchUp for this type of scenario and find a quick and sensible solution. If your details are likely to be of use to you, I’ll PM you.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much for the reply. I live in British Columbia, Canada. If you’ve figured this out, any trades you’ve had to work out would be greatly appreciated.

Which part of BC – I live in Kamloops BC

Squamish! I am a mechanical contractor. The following images are a recent sketchup model I put together.

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Very nice renderings, really neat and clean. How long did it take to set up VRay to do those renderings?

I have 2 sons, one in commercial plumbing and one in commercial electrical. I have seen many photos of his work (always clean and tidy).

It’s good to hear your guys take pride in their work. We built our business on workmanship at the highest level as instilled in it by our father. Rendering with VRAY was quite fast, quite an intuitive piece of software. What do you use Sketchup for?

Here’s a photo or two of our installed work.

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I write software for the cabinet making industry – design to CNC

Here are 2 of the 9 tabs

And a photo of the parts optimizer.

You can’t just get the Revit Importer; you would have to fully upgrade to Studio.
If you purchased directly, you can upgrade in your Account Management Portal. Please note that it is for Windows only.

SketchUp Studio | SketchUp help.

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His construction photos are neater than the 3D models produced by the HVAC consultants on my projects. And then come the contractors who only look at 2D drawings…

Thank you for your kind comments! I’m the installer, so Sketchup gives us a fast and efficient installation, since everything is set up for the allocated space. It also helps us sell jobs as clients and architects find in renders a sign of a quality installer.

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