Twinmotion 2023 – Trimble sells Sketchup to Epic

the rate of improvement in Twinmotion since Epic bought it has been outstanding…
Epic needs a modeler in their software package…
Please sell them Sketchup and put us out of our misery!

Twinmotion cost me $2000 in 2016
now it costs $400
it is free for non-commercial use
it is still a perpetual license
it is much more capable than 2016

Does Trimble have the same development path?

Oh! they also have a roadmap


Where do you find the free link for non-commercial use?

While your points may be valid, they will never happen. :without grace:


I agree that they work hard, bringing many updates each year. Great software.

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They have a really generous licensing system; read more here FAQ: Unreal Engine

Like @gsharp, I can only admire how much Unreal and Twinmotion (and Blender) have developed in the last 10 years. It’s absolutely amazing what Unreal is capable of today. I think the success of Fortnite has a big role in generating money to recruit/allow developers to continually improve. They need to continually improve and be a leader or triple A game studios won’t buy a license.

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It’s ok but when I go to your website (Twinmotion) I see a free trial but it doesn’t give a time frame. However, they really have come a long way.

See here: unlimited test for no comercial work. Twinmotion Licensing and Pricing | Free trial available – Twinmotion

The massive Fortnite+ investment from China in recent years has really allowed them to make broad moves across multiple industries.

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It is a free trial for unlimited time. (I know, it’s hard to believe)

Try Twinmotion for free for as long as you need for non-commercial use, or upgrade to the full version for you or your business.

I see someone already said it…

It’s still cool.

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