Twinmotion 2023 – Trimble sells Sketchup to Epic

Me too! My brain never adapts and it drives me CRAZY. No other app behaves this way. My spoken words when this happens would be a problem if I ever did a live stream model.

I rarely want it to, but I’d like the default to be the opposite. Same thing here – with the extension you have to remember when restarting SketchUp to reset it. I wish you could make it a default that sticks.

50/50 for me. The keyboard shortcut is essential for this. In fact, I’ll hide the rest of the model to pick a face, and then in the middle of Push-Pull, turn it back on to find a reference outside of the group.

I dare say SketchUp was developed for Windows before MacOS and it shows. On the contrary, it produces better user interfaces. Even Microsoft Word and Excel as mouse/window interface applications were developed for Mac before Windows was created as an operating system.

!!! I love when I learn something new! Thank you!

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