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I’m trying to create a new project on my iPad, but I don’t know how to change the template when I try to create a new project. The dropdown only allows me to change the unit of measure, I can’t find a way to change the actual template I’m starting with. For example: I am trying to change it from Architectural to Plan View.

There is no need for a different template. Just go to the Scenes panel, the tablet on the right hand side, and choose the appropriate standard view.

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On the home screen, the down arrow next to “Create New” offers different basic templates. If you have your own custom template, you’ll need to “Open from…” like any other file.

@megshannig thanks for posting your template questions here. Is there any other way you might want to use the default templates that are available in other versions of SketchUp? Or create and save your own templates?

For what it’s worth, here’s a workflow for creating your own templates that I’ve been playing around with:

  1. Start the SketchUp app and go to the Trimble Connect tab.
  2. Create a new project (called templates)
  3. Tap the Create New button while still on the Connect tab.
  4. Make any template-related changes (default camera angle, default tag sets, default scenes, default material library, etc., etc.)
  5. Save and close the file and dismiss the prompt to purge the unused ones. Note that you return to the Connect tab and the file is automatically saved to the Templates project on Connect.
  6. Change the model name (via the option… > Rename)
  7. Go back to the Recent Models tab, where you’ll see your new template at the top of the Recent Models list.
  8. Whenever you want to start a new project, choose… > Download a Copy to create a local duplicate copy of the original template file to open and edit.

I hope this helps.

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