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When I export a 2d image, the left half of the model is exported in green. It must be all white. Uploaded is an example. The second upload is a screenshot of what everything in white should look like.

Is green possibly the background color and the style is monochrome so the back of the faces would look like this?

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Thanks for the help Cotty. The background color is the gray you see and the style is “Architectural Design Style” I have tried different styles and backgrounds, but it always comes out the same. This is interesting in every model I make, the first two exports succeed, then the rest fail.

Can you share the .skp file so we can take a look at it and try to export it?

Just to be clear, I’m referring to the background color of the faces (style settings) and not the background of the model…

miller sum.skp (11.0 MB)
Here is the model.

Sorry I was wrong. The background of the face is also grey. I changed it to white, but it’s still the same exports.

It’s strange. There doesn’t seem to be any material applied to the model, although there are plenty of them in the model, even after purging the unused ones.
Screenshot: 3_10_2023, 12_22_20 pm

There are many exposed back faces that you appear to have painted white. That does not correct the orientation of the face.

He could also stand up to clean up things within the terrain group.

Are your graphics drivers up to date? Check directly with the Radeon site.

Good ideas. I went to the AMD site and downloaded the updated software and drivers, restarted my computer and still the same. I also inverted the faces, but that didn’t work either. Would it help at all to install all the Sketchup folders and programs and then reinstall them?

you can try changing the opengl settings in the preferences and see if it has any influence.

I inverted some faces and exported a 2D image.

No problem.

I’m on Mac OS Monterey.

Good to know Jean. I’ve done some research and found an older plugin that automatically reverses/fixes all faces backwards, but it’s no longer available. Do you know any plugin that can do this? I’m not sure which faces are upside down.

If you change the face style to Monochrome, the inverted faces will show up in blue as in my screenshot.

Even the old plugin would have had trouble getting the correct face orientation due to all the internal faces. You really need to clean up the model and get rid of those inner faces and edges. Much of that problematic geometry is due to working in 2D for too long. If you start with just the property’s outline and extrude it first before adding the features on top of it, you’ll find that you have fewer or even no inverted faces or inner faces.

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