Can’t move model viewport without freezing LO and then crash

I ask because I want to be a better problem solver in the future.

The original problem started to occur again…

I was resizing and moving the viewports. After setting the ortho and scale to 1/8

In SketchUp, go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click Purge Unused. That will remove the unused stuff in your model file. In LayOut you can purge unused stuff in References. Just click Purge.

They can matter. That indicates that you have lost the original references or have moved them so that LO cannot find them. That shouldn’t slow LayOut down, but if something happens that causes LO to lose the content of the pages, you don’t have a backup. That can create a lot of work for you. The best practice is to create a folder for the project and store all references in it so that you have a fixed location for them.

Try to clean up your workflow so you don’t have to troubleshoot as much. Be picky about the components you download from the 3D Warehouse. Choose a lightweight component and first open it in a separate file so you can examine it and clean it up if necessary or reject it and find something else. Don’t add them to your project file until you’ve made sure they’re suitable. That includes dealing with excessive geometry and oversized materials. Don’t bother putting details that can’t be seen. Keep your models clean on the go.

As for SketchUp placeholder files, there’s no reason they should be huge files. You have several rather large SketchUp files in your LO file that are not being used.

You could also improve things in LayOut by removing content from the document like you have here.

If you want to keep images of those lights to use in your projects, make scrapbooks to contain them and bring the ones you need to your project file when you need them.

This all makes a lot of sense and you have been extremely helpful. Thank you very much for answering all my questions!

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