Sketchup 2023: I expect fixes to come?

I’m posting this because I was asked for it after filing a support request. Hope 2023 gets better I have been a huge supporter of SketchUp and have been using the product since around 2004. I use Sketchup and Layout exclusively with my small architectural design business. I look forward to each new version and have always been tolerant of technical issues that come along with a new version, but I find 2023 more frustrating than rewarding. I’m sure you’re aware of many of these bugs, but after only a few days of use: multiple error symbols, tool trays that don’t maintain their shape, size, and position, materials that don’t behave as usual when loaded. use eyedropper, flip is missing from right click context menu, slower performance and screen crash, problems renaming with right click in liner… IDK I’m not a programmer, but I consider myself an experienced user and I have happily used your product every day to design and document buildings. I appreciate the software’s ability to assist in this process, but I’m pulling my hair out right now. The new features coming with 2023 don’t balance the frustrations, and while I can go back to SU2022, I prefer to continue using software that grows to meet the needs of our design/build team. respectfully, Ben Bush Partner, Hillview Design Collaborative Richmond, VT

Flip along axes has been replaced by the flip tool.

The flip-along commands are still there, albeit only one for each axis (e.g. Flip Red) instead of two (model axis vs. component axis), but they are not connected to the context menu or any method keys abbreviated. You can assign your own shortcuts to them. Find Flip in the settings panel/shortcuts preferences.

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I’ll add to the list of errors:
Structure Dashboard: Impossible to right click on a multiple selection. We lose the selection. Selecting via the structure panel no longer triggers the “on change” selection observer.
I confirm the sleight of hand from one position to another of the layups.

Please provide an update, soon.

French name for eyeliner (for those wondering on the back)


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