I once saw a THIIIIIIIIIIS big SKP file

so yes and no. you can still delete things manually (right click in the right pane). but yes, if you purge, it’s purge time.

However, it is not necessary to lose it. Every time I work on a project, I’ll do incremental saves. Maybe every Monday, duplicate the SU file and work on the new version, maybe every day, maybe every time the client gives a sign of life.

I’ll end up with v1,2,3,4,5… of the project.

So if I purge in V4 and then realize I made a mistake, I can still get things back. And even if the client says “well, let’s go back to the first idea, you’re right, it was better”, I can go back to the file, I don’t need to carry it with me at all times.

Yes. When I learned SU, my teacher said downloading components larger than 2-3 Mb is not recommended. We were running next-gen core 2 duos, 20-50 mbps connections. So we had to pay attention to anything we added. anything bigger would take longer to download, but also to use. and we often edited the textures in Photoshop to save some weight.

These days the machines are much more efficient and the connections almost instantaneous (here they work at over 900 Mbps), but the models have not followed the same growth, a high resolution table was 7 MB and now it is 10. It is not a big thing. making it faster and easier to download dozens of components, and the frugal shaper way it’s fading away Until you end up here, with a 700Mb file that is 90% junk, asking why your computer is stopping and burning.

Well, we can process larger files. but people are generally bad at math. I mean, in general, our intuition is stupid when it comes to math.
Give a person two 50MB components and they’ll say “yeah, this is a big model now, with big parts”
Give a person fifty 2MB components and he’ll ask “why is my model so slow?” I only used small components like the guy on the forum said”

and please, please, use colors. So often we see models where large material files have been applied to something that would just be a color. My walls are beige, no need to go for a beige paint texture. and my mac mini is aluminum, but unless you render it, the aluminum is just a flat gray. And it’s infuriating when you realize that 9.5mb of your 10mb file is actually a high-res photo of pvc plastic (true story).

The colors are great.

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