Hello specialists, I am trying to increase my drawing skills and practicing with a design, where I want to round all the edges.

I created the curves with the Fredo6 RoundCorner extension. I thought I could use this for fillets as well, but no success.

I might need another extension to create the curves, or should it be possible with RoundCorner? I would love your advice.

725_2.skp (525.2KB)

Sounds like you’ve got things pretty well rounded. Where do you want to add more rounding? It looks like you just need to smooth the edges. You can set Round Corner to do it for you, but at this stage just select all the geometry, right click on it and choose Smooth/Smooth.

I smoothed the edges and added the missing details so you can refer to them.

725_2.skp (482.2 KiB)

I’m sorry. I just caught the detail on the far right of the image about rounding the edges like this.

I ran Eneroth Auto Weld on your model (it loads after welding). I was then able to select the edges and run Round Corner on them.


Dave, I have to say that was an excellent answer. I found out that I need Enroth Auto Weld. Thank you.

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Hi Dave. Thank you very much for your information and it is good that you also finished the model. I wanted to be able to do the rounding first and only then the missing detail :light_smile:

I’m going to install Eneroth Auto Weld and let you know if I can make the model the way you did now.

Wow… What an impressive result. Eneroth Auto Weld does exactly what it takes to make RoundCorner do the job right. Excellent!

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It’s always nice to share the end result too. I used this design to keep practicing with the method described by Dave. This is the result:


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