Sketchup 2023 Pro Issues and Crashes

I manage 2 monitors. When I click on File or any other item in the Menu, the options appear on the monitor not showing SU. The measurement toolbar when moved to the top toolbar is a different size than all other toolbar icons. Scene tabs that are normally displayed in full now require scrolling due to the increased font size. None of the above in 2022 that I will use until 2023 is fixed. If not, I’ll move on. I am a user since SU v. 8. Trimble doesn’t seem to understand or listen to its user base. Forgot to mention 4 bugsplats within the first 24 hours of use. “If it works, don’t fix it.”

Also, what was wrong with trays being docked under scene tabs?

All the updates have been sent to me when I open the software, until 2023. No pressure. There is no notice that a newer version is available. It seems that even Trimble knew they had broken SketchUp. Why release something that has so many things broken? Not just a couple of minor hiccups, but really broken sections of the software. There were no beta tests?

Yes, the corporate silence is deafening.

They released an update but it didn’t fix the tray issues, they still don’t load correctly and now you have to close and reopen them just to get them to update. I’m not sure about the rest

It seems to me that the only tangible improvement in 2023 is the Flip Tool, and everything else is a back-end update that is very buggy but offers no functionality to users.

I don’t regret my decision to stick with 2022.
It will wait for the mid-2023 update, assuming there is one.

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You could happily go years without new features “on the surface” for that to happen. (except the dwg/ifc enhancements of course, they were needed yesterday).

To save some time, you don’t need to close or reopen them. You can simply resize them (click drag from top or bottom to resize) and they are functional again.

I think someone also created an automated script that does this for them on app load.

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