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I created a woodworking template in SketchUp Online-Free and I want to export it at 100% size so I can print it and then use it as a cutting template. How would I go about doing that?

Go to the print menu FILE \ PRINT, set the scale there to 1″ in SketchUp = 1 in print. Make sure the whole drawing is on the screen. If the drawing is large, SketchUp will divide the print into sections that you will have to paste together.

In SketchUp for the Web, at least in SketchUp Go, printing to scale is done by clicking the hamburger menu in the top left and choosing Print. Before doing so, you must have the camera set to Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view selected. In the Print dialog, go to the Print Mode dropdown menu and choose Print to Scale.

Then adjust the scale accordingly. Check the box if you want to show the print scale on the printout. Click Print to PDF, and then open the resulting PDF file and print it.

I don’t remember if this print to scale option is available in SketchUp Free. If not, you’ll need to upgrade to SketchUp Go to get it.

Sorry, as usual I jumped the gun. My path was to SketchUp and Pro. I skipped all the setup of using a standard view and setting the camera to parallel projection.
Now thinking about this, printing from Layout is much better than SketchUp. Only available in Pro.

Yes. I would also choose to print to scale with LayOut. I didn’t mention that in my answer since the OP is using SketchUp Free.

Unfortunately, the Print to Scale option is not available in SU Free:


You mean SketchUp Free. It’s available in SketchUp Go, which is also web-based.

Well tell me… sometimes I have a hard time understanding what things are called on SU… online information/documents are not always very consistent in their terminology… and SU Free was not called SU for Web last year before SU Go was released? This is what I see on my Trimble product page:

And then there’s this on the product list:

If you click on the SketchUp for Web link under the Main products list, the second link at the top of that page titled “start modeling“, under the heading “SketchUp for Web” lance Free Sketchup…sorry if my terminology was misleading… :confused:

The non-free version of SketchUp for the web was called SketchUp Shop before the name was changed to SketchUp Go. As I showed earlier, it is possible to print to scale in SketchUp Go.

OK @DaveR, so you can print to scale on SU Go… but apparently, users on this forum can’t specify that they own SU Go, because it’s still called SketchUp Store about him Type of license forum list Profile…more confusion… do you know who to contact to update that list?:

Yes. I’ve asked the powers that be to update that, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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