Can I lock the top parallel view to work on floor plans (iPad app)?

We will wait patiently @MikeTadros
Thanks for the reflection on the subject.

Thanks, Mike. I found that using the Pan tool worked very reliably. The only problem I’ve had since then is that the iPad seems to react when my hand rests on the surface to stabilize it, at which point the entire plane suddenly rotates 90 degrees. I’m not sure what happened. Since then all good.


It’s a touch screen, so be careful not to touch it at all, except when you intend SketchUp to detect and react to touch. SketchUp isn’t the only app on iPad where I sometimes get unwanted results when I accidentally touch the screen.

My theory is that by being so touch-happy, you quickly learn to hold iOS devices very carefully by the edges, making it more likely that you’ll drop them and have to buy another one.

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I have a drawing glove. He gets strange looks from people in public but then again… Me too. :wink:


Some progress was offered in version 6.2.1 which came out last week.
It is now possible, in the Preferences panel, to set the 1-finger drag gesture to ‘None’, which effectively disables 1-finger orbiting. 1-finger orbit still works when you explicitly activate the orbit tool from the toolbar, but doesn’t work otherwise.

I’m still working on the other ideas about ‘locking the orbit’ temporarily as a feature of the Orbit tool itself, but I hope this offers some respite in the meantime for those of you struggling to work on your models while the camera is set to a orthographic view.

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