Student issue logging in to Sketchup for Schools

Hello, I have many students who can log into Sketchup for Schools. A student can’t and gets an error, and was tested on multiple computers and Chromebooks. All the other students have no problems. We have checked your Google account and everything is normal. I have read many threads on your forums and some are similar but none of the resolutions are applicable. Any help would be appreciated.

I found another post that is exactly the same:

Hello everyone,
I am an ICT administrator at an independent school. All students have school-managed Google accounts and we have students sign in to Sketchup for Schools using their Google accounts. I have a single student who can’t authenticate as he gets two errors (screenshots here).

Steps to recreate the problem:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign in with Google
  3. I get the google login popup, but behind the popup I can see that there is an error saying “Error
    Sorry, we seem to be having some internal issues. Our team has been notified.”
  4. Ignoring the background message and authenticating as the student using Google leads me to another error that says:

It sounds like you’re having trouble logging in. Make sure you have enabled popups for SketchUp, then complete the login using the popup that appears.

Please note: SketchUp for Schools is once again available for educational use only. Don’t worry, any project you created through your personal Gmail or Microsoft account can still be downloaded from your Google Drive or One Drive. To continue drawing, sign in with an EDU domain account.

To access, make sure that:

You are using a G Suite for Education or Microsoft Education account.
Your G Suite administrator has installed SketchUp for Schools on your domain and granted you permissions.
Your Microsoft account administrator has enabled SketchUp for Schools on your domain.
If you have any questions, please contact us on the SketchUp for Schools forum.”

I’ve made sure that this student’s permissions for SketchUp match other students, and I’ve tested another student’s account to confirm that there’s no widespread misconfiguration at play here.

I’ve already directed a question to the support team, but I’ve been directed here as my school doesn’t pay for Sketchup Pro, so any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


a solution? I have the same problem with a single user.

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