Can’t sign in to iPad app

Mike created a bug report in our system (SUMXR-2382). I added my steps to show the problem.

YAayyyyyy. That worked. I didn’t restart the app after disabling full keyboard access. Then press continue. He dimmed and hung for a while. Then I disabled receiving emails and then it worked. Thanks for your help everyone.

This issue has been fixed and version 6.0.4 (1850) is live on the App Store. You can now keep full keyboard access on even if you don’t have a keyboard, and you can now tap checkboxes or text to agree to conditions.


I’m sorry for my English . I just registered this forum account to announce the way to solve this problem. On the login page, I go to an A sign, (Top Left Conner) disable / and enable something in my language, content blocker, yes. And wow la, it shows the login or register for a new one,

Hi Colin,
I have this problem where the SUP iPad doesn’t show the login boxes. I did all the things mentioned here including deleting the app and all data and downloading again. My iPad Pro is running version 16.2.
Any ideas?

Thank you

My iPad was on 16.2, now on 16.3, and I still get the login fields.

Maybe @Barry can check if there are any other known issues.

Mine says it’s updated to 16.2
I’ve turned it off and on, taken it out of my Apple keyboard, turned it off and on, etc. I’m not sure why it suddenly doesn’t work. On the iPad Trimble login screen that does not display the boxes at the bottom right, there is an icon that, when pressed, takes you to the login screen. When I log in here, I get a screen that says “Sorry, we’re not sure where your final destination is. Where would you like to go?” Below you have several options to click to get started with “Sketchup for Web”…

I’ve seen similar things a couple of times on various Apple devices:

Usually, a full force restart fixes it; this is different than turning it off and on

Force restart iPad – Apple Support (IE)

But specifically, login issues can be caused by content blockers or VPNs running.
The VPN should be pretty obvious, you will have installed it and it will usually say VPN in the corner of your iPad.
Content blockers are in Safari settings under “CONTENT BLOCKERS” if you have any installed. (Not sure if they persist in safari INSIDE an app, but worth checking)

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@jriano can you log in to other things through safari? I usually try and use the same login you use for iPad, obviously. We used to get “final destination” in the old days, but not much anymore. That somehow confuses Trimble Identity in routing back to SketchUp… if you can jump to another network that might work. If your iPad has cellular, use it, or share the network from your phone to your iPad and try that, just to login. Once you’re signed in, you can return to your normal network.


can i log in [] fine from my iPad with the same login I use for SUP.
I do not help.
I still have the same. My iPad doesn’t have a cell phone. It’s connected to my wifi. Everything works on my iPad except SUP. It used to work fine about 25 days ago when I was using it.

Hmm…if that’s the case, then the only way to remove the bad data stored somewhere is to delete the app that created it and reinstall it, which you already did. After removing it, I would reboot, in case something got cached.

Thanks for the reply. I just did all of that and power cycled my iPad and it’s still the same.
ugh frustrating. I will keep trying other things. I have a project starting Monday where I need to use SketchUp on my iPad.

I pinged the login team to see if there’s anything they’ve noticed or can help with. I’ll let you know what I hear. Do you have another network, either outside of the dial-up hotspot or a coffee shop that you can try?


We can reproduce the blank screen if we play with the Safari settings: confirm the settings and that there are no Safari extensions, and just in case, restart Safari and clear browser data. For example, I went to Settings->Safari and blocked cookies and I get this screen, which you got, correct?

The “final destination” issue can be reproduced by clicking the Safari link at the bottom right of the login panel, and this is a known issue (I forgot).

Clicking here brings up this screen:
![IMG_3F517707C4FE-1 2|690×481](upload://1Aw8zlFE6lyXxZ9ngYLfGaX7K3T.jpeg

@Barry Ok, after changing a couple of things you mentioned and more, it’s working.
I use Firefox Focus as my default browser so I changed it to Safari.
In order for SUP to show up in Safari, I had to go to Settings-Safari and disable “Block all cookies”. I’ve tried this setting both ways (off/on) including turning the iPad off/on and “Block all cookies” has to be disabled for it to work. Not a big deal since I don’t use Safari except now for this.
I’m wondering if there is a setting where you can point SUP to use a different browser or the default browser when you click the icon in the bottom right corner of the login screen? I checked in SketchUp Settings and didn’t see any.

I really appreciate your help on this!!!

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Something I hadn’t suggested so far is that ad blocking on the desktop may interfere with the appearance of the right-hand side of the login page. I didn’t think such a thing was possible within the SketchUp iPad app!

Barry can answer the question about whether the browser for the app can be changed.

Thank you! In my case it was the VPN. Pausing it fixed it!

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That did it. I turned the iPad the other way and was able to log in. Thanks for the suggestion.

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