[error unexpected file format]

I had realized that, thank you. I added it to the bug report.

The short version is that the fix for the issue changed somewhat with 2021, and something that was fixed correctly in 2020 and before, was no longer fixed. For anyone coming here with a file that won’t open in 2021 or later, it might be worth trying to open it in 2020.


Thank you very much, the file worked.
br rpich

What version of SU did you take to open and repair the model?
greetings rpicht

Can you help recover a file?
it was saved but when opened the error message was “unexpected file format”

I still have the skb file but I can’t open it either even though I change the extension name.

I must present this for my defense. I need help please

here is the skb file too

Can you help me recover my file too? Must show up. I was able to save it but when I open it it says unexpected file format.

i really need help i hope someone can help with this

The file opens quickly for all 8 million edges.

SketchUp Basics at learn.sketchup.com about groups, tags, and face orientation.

Hi, I’m new to the community and came here looking for the phrase “unexpected file format” that appears when I try to open a file that has a project that hasn’t been seen by the client yet.
I found the way… thanks b.superal for explaining how you could do it!!

i have the same problem in my file, i can’t open my file..it shows unexpected file format error.
Can you help me open the file?

I tried what I could with the file, but no success. I have asked a developer to take a look. Sometimes he checks the messages over the weekend, but otherwise he would check them on Monday morning.

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