I have a problem with SketchUp. Shows ‘burnt pixels’ on the screen

I have both Nvidia and AMD laptop graphics cards, but this crash will appear only with my AMD, when this crash appears, the software will stop working and I can force close it, only I don’t know what the problem is.

My graphics card is RX6600M and updated AMD driver, Windows 10

Please help me to solve this problem.

Did you get it from the AMD website or from your laptop manufacturer? Computer manufacturers usually stop updating their drivers about a year after the model’s release date. Windows automatic update should not be trusted. Check the AMD site for an update.

You can also try turning the “Use Quick Comments” feature on or off in the Window > Preferences > OpenGL menu and restarting SketchUp would help.

Having only your screenshot to look at, an incipient hardware failure cannot be ruled out. Years ago I had a graphics card failure and it started with screen artifacts in SketchUp before moving on to black screens and crashes.

If you only see it on this model, the model extensions may be the problem.

yes, i have tried to update to the latest version of my graphics card driver and windows.
Trying to enable or disable the “Use Quick Comments” feature in the Window > Preferences > OpenGL menu and restarting SketchUp

But still not fixed this problem.

Are you using an external monitor? Are you connecting an external monitor through a laptop dock? Do the artifacts appear on the laptop screen? If you use a dock, does it work better if you connect the external monitor directly to your laptop?

No, they do not have an external monitor.

I have the same problem on my laptop.
Let me know if you figure out how to fix it.

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